Thursday, January 12, 2017


2017. The new year. A time of renewal. A time that many people start new habits. I myself set out on a few New Years resolutions, one of which is this blog and it's corresponding vlog on my Fake a Dream YouTube channel. I set myself up with a goal to produce a quality blog and define its success strictly on how good it is and not on popularity or followers.

I also set up a goal to post each week. However as I reflected on what to write this week I thought about life philosophy and how deadlines fit into that.

While deadlines keeps us on track and hold us accountable, deadlines can also be the source of stress and and indicator of failure.  Douglas Adams said; "I love deadlines. I love the sound they make as they go whoosing by."

This philosophy of fake a dream, the fake a dream lifestyle if you will, is all about happiness. Deadlines are an unfortunate necessity of life but in my dream I am not stressing on deadlines.  This blog is not my job and in all likely won't ever be a paying job, so why would I impose the stress of another deadline myself?

There is so much stress in our lives. We are in such a hurry. We need to slow down and give ourselves a break. Look at any research on stress and you will see it is literally killing us. stress: portrait of a killer is a documentary that sums up much of the recent research, if you haven't seen this it is worth a watch. I believe it is on Netflix as well.

The dream is health and happiness. Stress, the kind of stress imposed on us by deadlines, the kind of psychological stress that is so unique to modern society, is not part of the dream.

What if we did not buy into this culture. What is we the dreamers said no to unnecessary and unreasonable deadlines, what if we said 'no' to the demands of modern society and moved at our pace and said 'it's ok that I move at this pace, because it is mine,' what if we just didn't participate and didn't apologize for it?

I dream of a life where I dictate my own deadlines, where my stress is minimal, and happiness is maximal.  So until I make it, I'll fake it.