Saturday, August 27, 2016

New beginnings

I have been thinking a lot about this blog, that I never post on, and what it's purpose should be.

Fake a dream is in essence faking it till you make it to your ultimate goal. In my own head I thought it sounded so profound but I wasn't entirely sure still what that meant.

What does faking your dreams/goals till you achieve them look like? 

I may have found my answer in Positive Psychology. What is our ultimate goal? For some it is related to career, others it is family kids and spouse, and others it is security. But really what we all want is to be happy.

So how do you fake a dream by doing what you like and liking what you do.

I'm not of course saying you should give up your dreams and be content with what you have. Goals and dreams are wonderful things. Working towards goals makes us reach out great potential. But don't forget the amazing story of the Jamaican bobsled team; Cool Runnings, peace be the journey.

Enjoy the ride. Enjoy now. Because it's all you have. When you arrive at your goal you will still only have now.

As one of the greatest writers of our time put it when posed; why don't you care where your are going? "because how you get there is the more worthy part."

So what is the point? The point is I am interested in a better healthier life, for everyone. Today I start on a journey to find happiness at all costs. Even the cause of my personal contentment.

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